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Recovery & Addiction Treatment Centers


Here at MrRehab, we understand the pain and suffering caused by addiction that both the afflicted person and their families go through when someone in their midst is dealing with substance abuse. That’s why we can help placement in a Addiction Treatment Centre that will offer a distinctive platform that involves a comprehensive approach ending with total addiction recovery encompassing both body and spirit. We are your Rehab Specialists and pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable on every facet of Drug Rehabilitation in Canada. We at Mr Rehab will be able to discuss all your treatment options right through to selecting the ideal Addiction Rehabilitation Facility that will specialize in all your needs and ensure your successful recovery.

A Unique Effective Approach to Addiction Recovery

Because we know that afflicted people need to be under the care of the very best professionals that specialize in the treatment of addiction to achieve the kind of recovery they need, our qualified and experienced addiction treatment consultants will be able to place you with the very best addiction treatment centres available in Canada. We at Mr Rehab realize that specialized programs and modalities as well as qualified and certified counselors and therapists who will cater to smaller groups of clients rather than the bigger numbers found in many government sponsored recovery programs will make the difference in success in recovery. Because we also know that addiction recovery needs to cover spiritual needs as well as the physical ones we will ensure to keep all your spiritual needs in mind with the choice of treatment recommended. A successful centre will also employ a team of experts to administer to your belief systems and life building efforts.

Our consultants will help choose in the different program lengths for ensure the very best chance of staying clean and sober no matter what the disease of addiction has brought about. Choosing the right centre and program length allows those afflicted to get the right amount of treatment so they can get on with a healthy and satisfying lifestyle after they leave the facility.

Specialized Detoxification.

We guarantee that any centre referred will be sure to also specialize in full Medical Detox with real Doctors and Nurses on staff 7 days a week 24 hrs a day in the initial detox phase should you require.

Methadone and Opiate withdrawal MUST be taken seriuosly and only safe detoxification is through a full medical detox process. We cannot emphasize enough how important a successful detoxification process is when trying to get someone to go to treatment.

The Mr. Rehab Difference 

Awareness is one of the cornerstones we employ and to that end we offer the best and most successful interventionists in Canada so a family will get the help they need in getting their loved one to treatment. A successful intervention will save their life, most people don’t realize denial is the most common reason some people never make it to treatment and a good intervention is key to get the addict to finally realize they need help. With a careful presentation of the facts, the expert’s intervention techniques can get the recovery process off to a good start.

Help is Available NOW

If your addiction or the substance abuse of a loved one is tearing apart the fabric of your life or your family, we can help. Why not get in touch with one of our compassionate Addiction Treatment Consultants today so we can help?